Reviews for "Castle Crashing the Beard"

The game is good, Good control's and best playing character, they all change to the Max Level
The boss attacks are really good and complex, All the song is good, very good things.
Something that is really annoying:
You should has give to the player 3 lives when he turn into a skeleton when you beat him, because it's so hard miss of the Fireball's, that's really annoying
I Give To It 4.5 Stars

This game is old but good. Its so addicting that you can't stop playing. Artwork is fantastic, gameplay is amazing, and it just WORKS. Love this game...

helpful on the second phase stay in the middle

I am 13 years old now and I played this game first when i was 6. I never finished it. Nice to beat it after this long time. The game is great, good job even tho its to late now. xD

Oh man, Tom's beard is pretty fast.
Fun little game. I enjoyed it, even though it's hard as balls.
I wish it had more than one attack, since I was pretty much spamming the "A" button the whole time, but whatever. Good job! ;D