Reviews for "Castle Crashing the Beard"

Finally did beat and get all medals, it's a good game, probably i was too much noob when i played in 2010. To anyone that plays this, the second form of the boss you probably want to get the level max hitting the graves, because if you follow too much the skull you gonna have a bad time

Guys i have a tactic to defeat the skeleton faster:
-stand in the up left corner platform
-keep combo-ing him before he shoots his fireballs
-when you fall from that platform, just look behind you and keep attacking

BoMToons, Coaly and Luis's flash game, Castle Crashing the Beard, is a challenging game and has incredible replay value till you achieve all the medals. I remember playing this flash game as a child and having difficulty to defeat The Beard. To this day, I still have trouble defeating The Beard but the difficulty motivates me to succeed. The Beard's attacks are easily predictable but that goes without saying the satisfaction of attacking makes you forget he can attack aswell and you should be dodging too.
Back in elementary school, I couldn't afford to buy Castle Crasher on my Xbox 360 but I was happy playing this flash game till I did get the money to buy Castle Crasher. In conclusion, Castle Crashing the Beard is worth 3.5 stars, it's addicting and motivates you to succeed with every death you take (and the medal you're promise if you do defeat The Beard). The music and sound effects are a joy to hear. The layout of the map is sloppy and holding the attack button to perform magic is uncomfortable. It's great to see the Knights again and I love the amount of effort put into this flash game - amazing work!

BoMToons responds:

Thanks! Love to hear that it sustained you til you could get the full Castle Crashers game!

Awesome game which still gives old memories about these knights.
The game can be finished in a lot of different ways , but I'm still playing it just for fun!
This game is awesome!

I liked it more than anything else, what would come being the controls, is easy to handle, the veil is perfect, and the difficulty is ideal, the second face of the battall easily was my favor, good job Keep it up, you're going to make it big with things like this.