Reviews for "Castle Crashing the Beard"

Spectacular little game which is as enjoyable today as it was when I first played it... on an account which is pretty much lost in the void now... I will endeavour to get the rest of the medals some other day, I swear.

Thanks for the memories and happy 10th birthday to this flash game! <3

so funny! bread dropping

there was something where i would jump but it wouldnt -always- jump straight away.. is that what its suppose to do?

really effective game.

music is great to listen to.

colours again are brill!

i love how there are different things that will happen through sequence so it takes time to complete as you have to know the tactics and when to move etc.

i lost lol

BoMToons responds:

It's a little unclear, but the platforms are SOLID, so you can't jump when you're under them. Thanks for the great review!

This game is fantastic! Very good game!

This game is too way awesome! If Tom Fulp shaved his beard, we wouldn't have this awesome game!

there are many games in newgrounds, and this is one more, it is my preference, I like the style of platforms, dodging blows, that the enemy and the character have more than two faces in the fight, the gameplay is pretty cool, and many Things more, yes, it deserves 5 stars!

BoMToons responds:

Thank you! <3