Reviews for "Castle Crashing the Beard"

The art and animation are pretty great, and it's a pretty fun and challenging boss fight, not to mention it stars Tom himself! The concept is really fun, but the patterns are pretty limited, though still entertaining. I like the level-up system, and the hits feel really satisfying, especially when you get stronger and there's tons of numbers flying around and the attacks get cool. The magic is cool and it's nice that The Beard doesn't just charge you and gives you an opportunity to charge your attack. This is also helped by the fact that you can move while charging. The graves are a cool way to add experience points and to make the final Crasher optional. The game isn't too difficult or too easy, it's also pretty fair, the attacks do a lot of damage to you, and you can't spam the enemy. You have to be careful not to get carried away hitting things. One thing I don't like is the fact that you can't stand on the middle platform on the right side to get away from the bottom laser, and if you can, it's an extremely small safe space. The medals add some additional challenges and are a nice reward. The second phase with he skull is a bit boring, to be honest, there's only one move and it's a shooting one. Good thing it usually takes less long to beat Tom's voice lines are also delightful, especially the ones when you die. The music is nice too. Overall, it's a fun challenge that's pretty fair throughout.

nice game 4.5 out of 5 stars, i killed him in less then 4 minutes but did not get the last evolution,nice game

way to difficult maybe if there was a continue it would be alot cool "for me" I do think the idea is cool but its way to challenging

i love this game also nice beard tom

Ten years later, and this is still one of the best games on here. Short and simple, but still fun and a great way to spend your time. I want to create a new account just to earn the medals all over again. Even if it must someday fall for good, may the beard live on.

BoMToons responds:

Thank you! Happy 10 year anniversary!