Reviews for "Castle Crashing the Beard"


a great game but a little tricky to begin with


This is seriously making me consider getting an XBox 360. If this is just a small tast of what Castle Crashers is going to be like, then I'll have to say it "Fuck the Wii, I'm getting Castle Crashers!"

On a different note, hope Tom's beard doesn't wind up devouring his brain over this game, but you can tell him that it'll all be worth it in the end.

*bug report* pretty entertaining though.

yeah, i liked it and all, definitely a classic boss-fight style.
i don't have too much to say about the game, but i noticed a bit of a glitch.

if you use your ranged fireball magic attack, but then die before it hits, and then it hits and you cause damage, you may still level up.
you return to the game play screen but can't move or attack. it's as if the tomb stone symbol is replaced by your player character.

i only had this happen once, and i dont' know if i could be bothered to recreate it, it's a bit difficult to time, actually.
anyway, good game.


smooth animation, easy fun gameplay
loved the newgrounds weapons and upgrading
not too hard not too easy
had a lot of fun playing this game, thanks

that was pretty fun!

The up/jump button is lil fustrating because its too slow making him move, like out of the way of an attack but otherwise this was very enjoyable to play.