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Reviews for "Black & White Anniversary"

Love it

That was genius, the audio was teriffic the flash itself was just amazing.
good job

fishhook responds:


words of wisdom

words of wisdom fro you: continue work like this and you'll go places..it was spectacular...you guys are very talented

fishhook responds:

thank you kind sir for your words of wisdom


Worst video I have ever seen!

Joking :p

Animation and Music 10/10

fishhook responds:

u r a gay...


That was awesome.

The music stopped a little early for mine, but otherwise it was absolutely awesome. I loved all the parts. The spinning skull was pretty kick-ass as well. Great work!

fishhook responds:

yeah as always there was audio problems but it works on most pc's

soz for any inconvinenfence?


Beautiful, this was spectacular.
I was glued to my monitor the ENTIRE time.
Nice animations and audio.


fishhook responds:

Shit dude!

please dont glue yourself to the moniter getting yourself off can rip your skin!