Reviews for "[Song of Storms Dubstep V2]*"

Oh My God.

Supreme Eargasm. Oh yeah.

Solkrieg responds:


I like the original a lot

But I was blown away with this....and the little laugh thing at 1:25? that REALLY put the icing on the cake so to speak!

Solkrieg responds:

XD Yeah, since I'm such an avid gears player that's actually the laugh from Queen Myra in Gears 2.

Woah, not bad.

You added some notes to the original hehe. Btw this is one of my favorite zelda songs next to zelda minish cap minish villiage. Great job on making this.I think it was not enough. I wish you could have slowed everything down and made the sound like... sound like it was outside then made it come back at some point and i love the ending because that was just a great remake of it. overall, 9.

Solkrieg responds:

I never heard that song, but I bet it's good because this is my favorite song from the games as well.

Wonderful song

please do more Dubstep remixes like this.

Solkrieg responds:

I don't have many in this style (with piano and such) but my Lavender Town remix is pretty nice ;D.

Nice Song!

It was a great song to begin with! Kind of made my day.

Solkrieg responds:

Let Solkrieg make your day, all day, erray day!