Reviews for "[Song of Storms Dubstep V2]*"

Looking at the other remixes out there...

I just uploaded my version of the song of storms, so i decided to look at the other remixes on newgrounds... Its a hard call saying which one of ours is better... Taking pygmalionism (the love of one's own art) into account, your'se is probably better, though I'd love it if you gave mine a look.. ^^''

Now for the review. I really like the piano part, how it was layered and had the reverse effect, though at some point the different lines became hard to distinguish (around 1:00). This is an easy trap to fall in if your used to hearing all the parts separately in your head, but it could use some more effects, maybe a low pass filter to make the harmony less punchy, so the melody sticks out. On the contrary, the harmony at 2:48 was a little hard to make out, i could only pick out some of the notes, maybe try raising the whole line up an octave? just an idea.
I hope this helps :D

Solkrieg responds:

The intro is flawless in the sense of creating chaos with a piano. You're not really supposed to be able to tell the difference between the notes, however they all blend and real parts of the song.

I have listened to your song and have left a review. I don't mean to be bias whatsoever but I believe my track is better than yours.

Awesome :D

Song of storms is my favorite song in the Legend of Zelda!
you just made it even better thank you!
Also are you going to do another Zelda song?

Solkrieg responds:

Yes, I will. I've decided I will redo (chosen) remixes every year. This one is one of them for sure. I'm already working on the second Lavender Town ;).

love it!

sweet! Zeldda is my favorite game of all time, my user icon proves it!

Solkrieg responds:

*Squints really hard*
I can't tell what it is.


why do i really feel that this song can be mixed with lavender town?
... oh well, please try it for meh, the guy with no musi capabilitys!
and btw, love thi song :D

Solkrieg responds:

Thanks :P. This song's BPM is much greater than Lavender Town's. This tune is too up-beat for Lavender Town. It's more of a "Creepy-Dub".

Also, grats on number 50. :P


I can never get enough of this song! Thank you Solkrieg!

Solkrieg responds:

Thank me by listening to more of my music and support!