Reviews for "[Song of Storms Dubstep V2]*"

If I'm not wrong, the dubstep is the most famous after the Lavender Town Dream Eater, yes? It's really amazing.

hmm well, It was good but let me think.....
It was extremely "noisy" I thought that there could be a lot less going on.
It surely wouldn't call this dubstep considering how long it took for it even come in, in the first place.
Idk man, everyone seems to like it so I guess I should just fuck off then eh?
aw well.

I am a LOZ fan but I get Vlad the impaler tap-dancing then pop locking to this....

I absolutely love the Song of storms, but not all the remixes I've heard on here. Gotta give you props for that one I enjoyed it.

Please make more, it fills my heart with joy to see a great piece of work be turned into something like this