Reviews for "[Song of Storms Dubstep V2]*"

LOL and fived :D

You fixed the build up which is great! There isn't much of a build up, but the little low pass automations of the small harmonies just give the intro SO MUCH depth. I honestly can't believe how good it is. The is in perfect balance again, I don't know how you do it so well.

You timed the release of this song perfectly. All the 0bombing trolls must be in bed or something!

Did you try giving it to wobblecraft or kodubstep on Youtube??? If not, you MUST. This song -without a doubt- given a a bit of publicity (by youtube promoters) will get you signed, or atleast on a labels watchlist. Don't let it go to waste on NG. Just saying...

Breathtaking song. Love all the small details you've added to it.

10/10 5/5.


Solkrieg responds:

Thanks, as a matter of a fact yesterday I got a PM from a user of the owner of youtube.com/dubstep sent me a message asking to upload my Russian Privjet dubstep remix, I'll have to send this one to the other youtube promoters then if you really think so! ^_^


But the dubstep was a lil soft and unoticable and didnt even really tune in till around 2 minutes,and thats fine and all to have suspence for it,but i think its shoulda had more umph.That may be just me.The endings pretty cool tho,as other ppl have been saying.
Bottom line,the dubstep's soft and i guess not my style,but still a great remix.
9/10 5/5

Solkrieg responds:

Boost your bass, you'll notice it ;).

ya know

i just got on newgrounds in order to listen to the original of this song but i noticed i had mail and im like " mail ! i love mail " and to my surprise its a newer better version of the song i was just about to listen to XD
i like this version better n_n . it seems put together better i also sense a change to the piano but i dont know for sure id have to listen to the old one to be sure.

this is really great stuff man you could really go somewhere with it

Solkrieg responds:

Thanks a lot! Everyone loves mail...unless it's an invoice... I hate invoices.


This song is great. I really like the rift through the whole thing but I don't like the ending. If I eventually learn the piano bit, could I up-load it?

Solkrieg responds:

Sure, just link the original in your song's author comments and PM and when it's finished!

Great Job

Great drop :D Although I really like how it ended.

Solkrieg responds:

Thanks, I was actually unsure about my drop.