Reviews for "GT - Fighter Gamer"

needs moar overpowered moves and insain combos

As an ex pro who gave up because I got fed up with the pro gamer faggotry, I can testify that this made up fighting game gamer character is pretty accurate. If the movie had more of what I put as a title and some kind of joke about joysticks like maybe looking like they're in masturbation training (you know it's true pro fighter gamers XP) this short would be perfect. Then again maybe skip that last part since I'm guessing you had to make this short to be suitable for all ages @_@

You got my number

Yeah, I've been there... Glad I grew up though!

I love the way the interviewer/news host guy is so callously indifferent to his guests despite his outward interest in the whole gaming concept.
Want more!

a big fat L.O.L

I LOVED ALL OF THE VIDEO oops caps lol like the interview room good char drawings and the best of all the bit where he losses lol soooo nice job there mate


Good job here! Maybe not your best one, but still a very nice episode nonetheless. I love how you hit the stereotypes so well! Hell, I didn't even think about the sore winning/losing aspect of fighting games until it came up, but I know that I have clearly reacted that way in ssb and soul caliber/

Hahahaha! Very good job here

~~==My Review on this==~~
- Everyone loves fighting games
Everyone enjoys pummeling opponents into the ground and laughing their face about it! XD haha one of life's satisfactions! XD
~~==Any Improvements==~~
Very good i would say! XD pixel style to suit the game and very awesome drawing for the interview sessions. :] Nice, i don't believe there is any need for
Music to suit each occasion i say. Also the Voice acting was top notch! Nice job dude! XD I enjoy the voice acting of Ryuken Hadoken. XD
I smilled, i loled and i enjoyed. I got to watch the rest of you stuff! Man I have been missing out over the years! *ZOOMS OFF*
=10/10 5.00/5.00 = :D Pwnage!! :D
~(\Shadow Dinosaur/)~ {Cloushi}~
((Ultimate Dinosaur of the Shadows))

RubberNinja responds:

~~==My Review on this REVIEW==~~
- Too much "XD"

Glad you liked it thar fella!!