Reviews for "GT - Fighter Gamer"

This is the first I've seen of the series

I look forward to your independent project, because I think that if you could double the length of this flash, and keep it just as consistently funny, I would be falling out of my chair. As it is, the flash made me grin.


I'm a fan of the series and I have to say this is what I was expecting, great comedy. =D Also, you should think about making a "Survival Horror Games" player, that would be pretty funny. =P


Don't play sports eh? Whats up with his buff body then? Anyway, I loved it and I'm waiting for more.


Man, these keep getting better and better. So far only the MMORPG episode can top this one. Keep 'em comin'!

Great job.

LOL, just like anyone who's sicked into fighting games. FPS ftw ;)