Reviews for "GT - Fighter Gamer"


The final question was funny


would have been better if my apeakers were working rightl.

not bad...

not bad but i suggest funnier jokes. but other then that good flash, and good animation i give a 7

Always Hated Street Fighter

As the Summary says, I always hated street fighter. The graphics were sucky in my opinion and felt like they were cutouts of comic book characters more than anything. Street Fighter just seemed way too over the top for me and it's fan base at the time freaked me out. Then the fact that TO THIS DAY they are STILL cranking out Street Fighter titles is mind boggling and frightening.

Personally I heavily favor the Tekken series, Dead or Alive, Mortal Kombat, and the Budikai series. I like Tekken and DOA for their more realistic fighting styles and combat maneuvers, mortal Kombat because I felt it was oddly enough more believable than Street Fighter, and Tencaichi because I'm a big DBZ fan.

Great animations and great jokes, though it would have been nice to see some references towards some other fighting games other than Street Fighter personally. It kind of was a turn off to he humor to wonder "Are they on Super Street Fighter Beta Vs. Marvell Extreme Beach Volleyball" yet?

RubberNinja responds:

This isn't about the game references, it's about the culture. The mild references made to the game are irrelevant to the jokes. It would work with any game as the focus.


Thank you so much for making this. But after exposing myself to the fighting game genre kind of made me know what to expect. Very nice flash. Although the animation doesn't flow as well as your earlier episodes.