Reviews for "GT - Fighter Gamer"

Lol pwned

That episode pretty much pwns every bad player I've ever seen in everything that has something where there is a winner and a loser. Thanks for that satisfaction, GT!

Good Sports Men? I don't play Sports.

That's about right.... ;)


Another great episode! The last question was awesome. Pure genius is what this is!

Lolololol that was amazing!!

You should've made the fighter person talk like they do in Dragon Ball Z fighting games, that tone in their voice. lol i can't explain it, but I think u get what im trying to get here.

Anyways, about the flash, ITS AWSOME. Wow. Looks wayy different from the previous ones for sure, and very professional. You added all the little details, like shadow under the faces and all that. It's cool. So yes, great job. Congratz on Front Page. Well, what do we all expect from Gamer Tonight :P 10/10! :D

Another great episode:D

I love em
I WAS wondering what the next style of game interview it would be
Great job
Keep it up