Reviews for "GT - Fighter Gamer"

Better than the other ones

Not that the other ones weren't good...

It's just this is better.

not bad

i like that

Not true for me though...

I've lost interest in fighting games merely because once you play it long enough you can easily predict what every character does and you can just sit there throwing the same cheap moves. Other players are so two-dimensional haven't they ever heard of the crouch-block? lol
I don't understand how there can be "cheap moves" either because so far I've always seen some kind of counter for them.

I never got this tier grading of characters because I never saw the difference of how one character is better than others.

It´s so damn true , Hilarious.

I´m a hardcore fighting game player, and I must say, you have captured the nature of every one of us in a remarcable way ! Specially the loosing part, i crapped myself laughing :D.
Great !!!

this could have used some work.

best one yet!