Reviews for "GT - Fighter Gamer"

Losing isn't in anyones vocabulary

Kinda bittersweet this wasn't involved with FPS, the victory bit would've involved alot more T-bagging and corpse humping. I know it's childish but it's true...


I'm just an honest honest winner


I've played street fighter and can see were your coming from beacause when i'm online on street fighter my butt gets kicked so fast it feels like they've practised as much as the charater in your hilarious video.

cool but,

he realy is a crap loser...


"what ya talkin about i dont play sports..." "My joystick wasnt worken""(vitory line here)" i cANT text it it was to long an 2 hard 2 rember:3 Gamer tonight sould have a episode of yu-gi-oh that would be funny wouldn't it? hope ya get far-