Reviews for "God speed chicken"

You call this crappy, I call this a masterpiece! Well done!


I love this song your creation has brought me peace when im angry, ease when im stressed, relaxation on sleepless nights. your song made me shed a manly tear.
Thank you and i hope many more appreciate this song as much as i do
Thank you


If you say this is crappy, then I don't truly know the meaning of "crappy" because I love this song. Ever since I saw Rick's Minecraft Tales, I turn this on before going to bed, for this is the only thing that gets me to sleep. I swear, my heartbeat suddenly slows when I listen to it, and it starts beating to the rhythm of this. I'd LOVE it if you could make an extended version, or if you made more songs.

RickkMurray responds:

Thanks Mysteriousbeing I'm very glad you like this song. Oh as for my definition of crappy. I normally say that on work I spend very little time on making from start to finish.
Anyway Thank for watching means a lot...like seriously a lot :)

ps I'll be remaking this song for the ending of Ricks Minecraft tales 7 (Season Finale)

thake you

we shal sail in to minecraft............................


The chicken explodes, Rick screams like a girl, I laugh so much, I begin to hurl. For it is the god speed chicken, nothings stops it, it will never sicken, for it is the god speed chicken.