Reviews for "God speed chicken"

soo calm so beautfull

lol i saw the video on this :D

I love it so much :<

Amazing. It is simple, it only involves a few classical instruments.

And yet it creates a strong "goodbye" feeling. I am astounded by your work in general and your contrast from epic to just down right DERP.

I hope you make alot more Youtube videos and that you will make alot more music. Also: How about some sad themed videos, centered on the sad instead of the humor? I would like that. Just supersaiyan 2.

I love this song :) Really! It just MADE your Minecraft tales all the more awesome!!

I'm a fan and re-creator of classical music myself, as I play the piano, and this just blew me away!

I want to thank you for your tutorial as well on YouTube! I love playing this song now!

Also, I recreated this to a longer version in FL: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/473406

It's not the best, but I tried and hope you find it to your liking~
You're also welcome to use it if you like for any future RMCT you may or may not be making~ ^w^ (Just make sure to credit if you do~)

Keep up the awesomeness!