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Reviews for "Kirby go shit"


way to long and... I don't know why I even watched this one. Well ok, I was expecting a flash involving a Kirby crapping out an enemy or something... thingy... that music was loud at turd level 203984

LordZeebmork responds:


Kitty !


LordZeebmork responds:


an incredible political statement!

an incredible analogy or parable, Kirby representing the war in Iraq and the surprising large load of shit, the current war outcome - despite the 'surge'.

In fact, the shit actualy 'surged' across the screen!

The parallels are obvious: We all love to play with Kirby, the fun loving and rewarding character of many a happy Nintendo game :)
Similarly, we find joy in invading Iraq, our remote controlled guided weapons being very much like the fun Nintendo video games we love to play!

How many of us have taken a crap in front of the TV, rather that abandon the game and lose the high score?

In much the same way, we will take a huuuuge crap in Iraq, rather than lose the "high score" which is just around the corner!

We may have to "pull out our troops" but only just long enough to blow on them and then push them back in.

A note must be made about the music: while some would say that it is "crappy sounding" that is entirely appropriate!!

In a crappy flash, the music MUST be crappy!

The author demonstrates a fine ATTENTION TO CONTEXTUAL DETAIL that should be emulated by you neophytes, new to the Ways of Flash.

Good job, young man, good job!

LordZeebmork responds:

best review ever

. one word. just one word...

i could only think of 1 word when i saw this... OUCHIE!!! besides that it was... meh. just meh.

LordZeebmork responds:


not the worst

but god knows it's not the best either. well i'll say what i think rather than just going 10!!! like people seem to be doing a lot,

this is the sort of thing i'd expect to end up as turd of the week, not underdog. that said, it's a funny concept but let's be honest, it took maybe 3 percent effort. the audio is funny but the quality sucks bigtime and it's way too loud. turn it down and up the quality and it would make it leagues better.
now i would be lieing if i said this didn't make me smile, so you get point for lol factor but this is clearly not one of the better works of that have come through the portal ;) 9or kirby's ass for that matter. how the hell did he pinch off a log that big)

LordZeebmork responds: