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Reviews for "Kingdom Hearts Anime pt2"

Great job

very good job with the settings and sounds just keep making more plz. :D

cobra0528 responds:

No problem. Thank you

never expected cid to do that

it was good. Did you know the are coming out with 3 new kingdom hearts game for more info try to respond to me and get email i made a email adress ill do my best to get you some info. FYI the platforms for them are Mobile phone, PSP, and Nintendo DS and send me some more videos of this i like kingdom hearts

cobra0528 responds:

Yes I know all about them...actually I know all there is to know at this point...I hope someone makes a computer emulation for 358/2 Days because I am not getting a DS...Birth by Sleep I will get that because I have a PSP...and Coded...I will get if my cell can handle it. Thank you for the review

quick question

that was the best KH animation I've ever seen on NG, but according to the other posts, this this the sequel to one. Wat is it called?

cobra0528 responds:

Same name...different chapter numbers...thanks


I've gotta say, even though I've beaten the first Kingdom Hearts umpteenmillion times, I wanna play it all over again-and even though I've got the manga and I've read it loads of times, I still want to re-read the whole story.

Thanks man, great blast from the past here. Also as the fellow said below me, the lip movement was perfect. Keep 'em comin' love.

5/5 10/10

cobra0528 responds:

Same for me...I re-played the entire first game after making this

I love Kingdom Hearts

But this sucks that you have to stop. I didn't even know what happened in kingdom hearts 1. Because I only have Kingdom HEart Chain of Memories. But most of all this move was awesome.

cobra0528 responds: