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Reviews for "Kingdom Hearts Anime pt2"


This deserves freaking #1 ON THE LIST!

Graphics: S+
One of the most breathtaking and powerful graphics I have ever seen in a flash

Sound: S
EXCELLENT voice acting, and perfectly coordinated sounds.

Entertainment: S
Beautiful and EXTREMELY well textured and worked over. I could tell this took a FREAKING DAMNED lot of work

Storyline: N/A
Its not really your storyline now is it?

Overall: S
My ONLY regrets about this flash are:

1. Noone is even looking at this flash, the bastards...this may be one of the most unnoticed and greatest flashes on Newgrounds.

2. The scene skipping

cobra0528 responds:

I enjoy when people break down their review like that. Thanks, and what do you mean the scene skipping?


That was AWSOME!! It was so cool and it was drawn really well! I loved Sora's happy face at the end. Keep up the good work!

cobra0528 responds:

I will do my best...stick around for the next one...Wonderland...I hope it will be trippy...Thanks!

Thanks, Gramps!

Whether it's the game, manga, or this cartoon, I can't help but love the series

cobra0528 responds:

Me too...thanks


thats nice its jus like the game i need to start making flash animation too.

cobra0528 responds:

Do you have anything in mind of what to make?

I'm nut zure but....

I haven't done a full flash movie ever but i think in this point you should like ask people to help you whit the series, or s'mthing? These ones made you a respectfull flash artist for sure and i'm sure many would be happy to "help"? I dont know how these things work here but just suggesting...

Anyways one hell-of-a animation you got here mate! Looking forward to you'r next thing.

cobra0528 responds:

If I can find people to do the same style, perhaps I would accept help...Thank you