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Reviews for "Kingdom Hearts Anime pt2"

That face.

It made me fall over laughing.


But seriously, this is awesome.
A little C&C: Donald's face looked messed up when he was talking, I think you need the line to follow through the length of his bill, otherwise he looks like Pingu, but this flash is pretty old, so perhaps that's already been rectified further on.

... *sob*

i love ur animations, every single 1 but i hate u (not rlly) 4 putting dat song in d intro T-T makes me cry all d time...

ha ha ha

i like the bit where cid said "call me gramps again and i'll beat you silly"

nice improvement

the voices are a lot better, and the have emtion. like in the last one, the man who told sora about the darkness didn't even stopp at the period.