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Reviews for "Kingdom Hearts Anime pt2"


Way to go!
Great job!
Hey can you tell me an online place to buy the manga?

cobra0528 responds:

Thanks and just try typing "Kingdom Hearts Manga" into a search engine


Ever big skip :P
AHAHA great great!
I am thinking.. is KH (1 and 2) My fav game... I dono, i can't really pick. But they do have suck a great story! and game play XD

cobra0528 responds:

yes they do...yes they do

Not too special

Please excuse me if I tell you I didn't like it too much, the drawings were at some points truly amazing, really good, but in other moments, the graphics were awful. The animation was mainly composed by tweens, but some moments had some FBF, which was really nice, except for the lip sync, which needed more work.
The part I liked less was the voice acting, it needed way more expression. But in spite of all the flaws I have mentioned, it's still a nice movie, and it's awesome to see that somebody makes an animated version of a game!

cobra0528 responds:

I don't know why you would have seen something wrong with the lip sync

Haha, awesome.

Sora's voice still makes me shiver but the story itself is good.

cobra0528 responds:


Cid Cannon

I like the Cid Cannon part! Rly good job dude!

cobra0528 responds: