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Reviews for "Kingdom Hearts Anime pt2"


awesome job, kinda miss the subtitles, though

cobra0528 responds:

Yeah...I changed my methods for this one, so subtitles would have been very difficult to put in. Thanks!


i love kingdom hearts to the fullest 10/10 lol funny face aswell

cobra0528 responds:

Thank you!

Better than the first

Much better than the original. Although the plot is still messed up, the voice actors seemed to have gotten better or you have gotten better equipment. The animation seems more fluid than the previous chapters(1-5) Much better. No matter what I must say that this is better than most parodies/remakes I've ever seen on Newgrounds.

Plot: 1/3
Voices and Music: 3/3
Art and Animation: 4/4
(If the overall is over 5 then it's usually a 5[unless there is a 0/*)

cobra0528 responds:

I don't know what you find wrong with the plot, but as for the other stuff...Voice acting was definitely better I noticed and I also did get new equipment. Glad you liked this one better! Thanks


I thought that Heartless ate the hearts, not squish them into their hands... Nice job anyway... Almost none of the voices are accurate...

cobra0528 responds:

Obviously the voices don't sound like them. I don't know why that heartless smashed the heart, but he did. Thanks for the review.


and again, very cool!
im instantly going to see the rest!

cobra0528 responds:

Again...thank you.