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Reviews for "Sparkle-"

calming and inspiring

You've done quite a fine job here.
The concern about the pauses isn't really necessary. For my ears, they just belong where they are. They rather built up a certain suspense before releasing you again with the next part.
So the fluidity is never cut and the song appears as one, complete piece.

Thank you for this little musical treasure, it made my day.

pftq responds:

Sets my mind at peace, thanks! :)


This kinda reminds me of the music form the sims: bright and light hearted

pftq responds:

I could see that XD - thanks

Well darn

I normally like to listen to the more dark or sad songs. Beethoven's 5th. Most Vivaldi pieces. This piece was so happy, but I absolutely loved it. I think you have converted me from my normal preferences. Thank you so much for the amazing composition. :)

pftq responds:

Thanks - glad you enjoyed it! :)


SO glad I decided to browse the classical pieces tonight. This really made me feel better.

pftq responds:

Thanks, good to hear :)

This is one of the most fantastic songs I've ever heard.... It's so up-lifting and inspiring! I was actually looking for the Ubisoft intro "Sparkle" but I came across something even better!

pftq responds:

Haha, didn't know the name was already used. Thanks!