Reviews for "This is very white !"

It may be very white. But it's glorious, Must not look directly at this picture! Good job.

Ephyse responds:

Ty ! <:'^]

absolutely stunning work. love how even with basic shaping and slight shading can bring the character to life. Her eyes wow the detail there draws you into them wanting to know more of this character...very well composed KUDOS!

This text is white and so is your picture!
Keep it up Ephyse!

Ephyse responds:

Oh you ! (*ノ´>ω<。`)ノ*:・゚✧

Somehow works flawlessly!

Brings me a lot of Studio Killers vibes.
Which is a very very good thing, in my book.
It just reminds me of like... Pillows or feathers and clouds
Probably largely from the white with blue accents honestly, but also this really neat way that the sharp white contrast creates an outline without using much hard lines!

it's cute and good is what I mean, sorry I'm being a dork about it lol