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Reviews for "Angry BT Customer"


i told you to fuck off hahah

lol! holy shit!

i remember this! i saw this on funnjunk.com years ago! i loved it! this gets an instant 5! and a 10! i love it! thanks so much for submitting this! i havent senn it in so long! oh the memories.

Hits home for me.

I remember being the guy making that type of call, it was my job for a little while... worst 8 hours of my life. I had more than my fair share of this kind of call... but to be honest, I deserved them. I didn't enjoy being the one calling you people up, getting you out of the bath, or calling you away from dinner, to try to sell you something you don't want to buy... so for what it's worth, I'm sorry.


That's pretty damn Hilarious. An animation someday sould be awesome. you have to tell me, I'm American, so what company is BT?

Funny but I'm with Mr Angry

Enjoyed that thanks. Funny, but I have to say I.m with Mr Angry - don't phone me to sell stuff, don't take up my time without request.