Reviews for "CannonCrotch"

good game but...

...the german sentences on the wall donĀ“t make sense ^^ i think hitler isnt interessted if i got a cinema and i dont understand what what you said about the fruids O.o

I-smel responds:

Erhalten Ihr funf ein tag?
Well I got a D in German, but I think it's "recieve your 5 a day"...

Good but..ehh

The game had a pretty funny sweet concept and it was pretty fun, but there were some things...I didn't like the 1 hit kill thing, it gets really annoying, maybe like a life bar or something. And an upgradable crotch (lol). Just the little things like that. Oh and the Nazi cloning machines power thingy had so much health I think I developed carpel tunnel. Other then those little things it was a pretty sweet game, looking forward to more kick ass games.

I-smel responds:

I agree with everything (Except the 1 hit kill thing)

nasty nazi's

the game was fun but i got stuck with that nazi spider. it is a bit too hard, you should have made it more easy. sorry. fun game tho

Pretty good but

the controls seems very, VERY loose to me. however, it was a *VERY* amusing game. but checkpoints after each "level" would be appreciated.

Fun but glitchy.

I encountered a glitch. While crouching in the elevator, I died from the machinegun guy. The player never respawned.