Reviews for "CannonCrotch"

good game

i got to the plane level and died, i dont feel like restarting , how about a save system or something?

otherwise good game

Quite Hominidesque

Reminds me of a simple version of hominid only problem was i found afew glitches, firstly there was a glitch when i got to that locked door where there was a guy who would just shoot at me but i couldnt hit with grenades or my cannon, secondly i found if you jump in the right way bullets sometimes just go throught you. Anyways amusing game with funny graphics good job.

I-smel responds:

Right, I think I do need to address this. Can't believe it's still in there.

+SIMPLER? Come on. 4 enemy types, 4 weapons, 4 bosses, 1 vehicle, proper cut scenes (Kind of), 3 levels of difficulty, 9 cheats..
I mean- I can see why Hominid over-shadows it by miles, but give me some credit.


i agree. you need checkpoints coz it's so easy to die and you die WAYYY too much. good idea though =P

I dont get it

Awesome but, I got stuck on the cloning vats, i didnt know what to do and nothing kept happening

A few issues

Awesome game overall. But there were a few huge problems. Like others have said one hit kills suck, no matter how many lives you have. Even if it only took 2-3 hits to die and maybe you recovered enough life to take one more hit every 10 kills or something. Being able to hold down A to fire with the regular gun would be nice, instead of having to mash it constantly. The three selections of difficulty weren't difficulties, just different numbers of lives you had, which doesn't make it harder, it just makes you able to get farther in the game. Being able to pause and possibly restart the current level, would be a plus, because the first time I got to the climbing spider boss I fell under it and it just kept climbing while I was off screen, unable to do anything, so I had to reopen the game and start over.