Reviews for "CannonCrotch"

fun, crazy and wtf.

good game overall but the whole go through it in one go thing kinda sucks, but I get why you did it. I beat the game and yet i still don't understand what to do at the clone vats I just kinda glitched out of the place. Also, at one point the big machine thing which I guess I was supposed to blow up gets deleted because its depth isn't quite high enough. And yet theres still an invisible wall. Ah well...

great game

reminds me of from dusk till dawn :P

I-smel responds:

Before now I've never heard of that game, but it looks nothing like CannonCrotch...


entertaining game but kinda wierd.... not really that funny


Not the best game i have played but one of the funniest those. Needs a melee atack
good job this is f*ckin funny!

Pretty good

I like it, really. :D