Reviews for "CannonCrotch"

Lol nice game man!

Nice game 'twas funny and a proper game all in one!

Nice game

Great game, the unhittiable nazi was annoying time from time.

What I would love to see changed is that when you die you won't lose the machinegun/rifle upgrade. Also you might want to add some more nade refill's since I ran out of those quickly (or I was just to trigger happy :X) I also found the plane in the air scene slightly to slow to dodge all those bullets shot by the nazi ufo.

Also, brillant ending :D

I-smel responds:

I can't believe there's actually people completing this game. WAS IT TOO EASY OR SOMETHING? I THINK I SHOULD MAKE IT HARDER. YEAH I'LL DO THAT.


it was a little odd but it was pretty fun!

Found glitches but further good

I found this game really enjoyable, but I found two glitches.
At the final boss, if you get on top of that rectangle block and never stop jumping the enemies can't shoot upwards.
As soon as you stop jumping though, the enemies will shoot at you, even if you restart jumping.
Also at the start of the game, I teleported into the wall above the elevator, and couldn't move out of it, which happen after I activated cheats and started jumping around.
Your game is further really good, i loved the gameplay and graphs!

I-smel responds:

graphs are great


Great game, and really funny. Oh and the tank was easy.