Reviews for "CannonCrotch"


Its just awesome...

One hit is fine, people just suck.
Its far more sophisticated than the flash version of alien homid, maybe people are trying to compare your flash to alien homid on hand held ....

I found that if i played through twice that invincible guy didnt come show up. Also, when you blow the door down the invincible guy dies, none of the other soldiers do - dont know if that helps. Hmmm... was another bug but im spacin on it. Ehh... you could increase the speed of the plane slightly, nothing dramatic.

lastly, drinkin at 16, tut tut.

Action Happy Fun Hyper Adventure!

Seriously, this is why I Friggin' love Newgrounds. Cock Jokes and a fun side-scrolling shooter? Almost a cohesive storyline? And it was nicely simple; good graphics, good variety of enemies; it was stellar in execution. Slightly buggy/unresponsive controls, but still really fun.

I-smel responds:

lol this is the 69th review

Great Game But.....

I give it a 9/10 only because on the spider tank boss thingy I died when I was falling and I kept responding at the bottom of the screen and kept on dieing


the best game on news grounds i died in the areoplane bit shooting down balloons


Game sounds to hard yet he wants you to add some thing to make it even harder. LOL

No fawking sense, anyways...
The game is alright and yeah, playing on hard mode is insane but like all games, if there is a will there is a way. Just have to keep pushing harder to beat it.