Reviews for "CannonCrotch"


Really easy and great game, played out the first time with NO bugs. (exept for one I think)
The only thing I dont understand is the cheats, i typed them in into the reception thingy, and i pushed "enter" but it only paused the game!!!
The second thing I like are the "Author Comments" on the reviews, so can I have a funny one to??? (I gave it 10 stars!)

I-smel responds:

Make sure the cheats are in all capitals. Also THERE ARE NO STARS ON THIS PAGE WHAT THE HELL IS ALL THIS SHIT ABOUT STARS??


i like it


haha i love this its so funy especially wen he shoots make anothr plz

THis game is pure genius

I killled that invincible nazi! it took forever but he was no match for this crotch


cool game but FUCKIN HARD!!!!
how can you people play these fuckin games