Reviews for "CannonCrotch"


this so deserves front page!it was hilarious and well designed, and was just as fun to play! this is a fiven and ten!

this rules buts a little too hard for me!

it owns i liked the part when you were a plain it was so aesome this game rules!

Yeah... I love it.

Though it annoys me a little it has under 4 score, you can see the effort put into this and is a really good game, people complaining it's too hard should just play it again till they get good at this, where's the fun in a easy game?

anyway, all my 5 r belong this!

I-smel responds:

Yeah, that's one reason. I think another big factor is that it's apparantly full of glitches.

What really annoys me is the people who rated it down for being too hard, and the people who rated it down for not having sound effects. What a bunch of idiots.
See if you can find the VERY FIRST review I got for this. It's ridiculous.

It's the shit

Not hard to learn to play, yet it gets hard as hell.

It's massively awesome.

The end.


amazing graphics and game man oh and there is something about the guy on the preloader, his set of badges are actualy a snakes and laadders game board, good one