Reviews for "CannonCrotch"

bout time

great game, bit hard, took a while to get a feel for controls


An hilariously absurd concept of a cannon in one's crotch to fight Nazi's!
Also you should work on your grammar ulululul

I-smel responds:

Oh yea, sez the guy what said "an hillariously".


cool game
- graphics are good
- story... nvm
- gameplay ... it was a bit hard for me (maybe i just suck at it)
there were a couple of glitches but other wise it was a good game
overall 7/10


this so deserves front page!it was hilarious and well designed, and was just as fun to play! this is a fiven and ten!

Some control issues are....

...the only problem with this. Fix those and you got a hit here. It already is a hit,...but the fact that you went that far,..go the extra mile and fix these probs. Genius

I-smel responds:

I wish someone would ACTUALLY TELL ME what they'd prefer the controls to be =(