Reviews for "Phoenix Wrong-Objection 2"


Phoenix Wrong lives again! I loved the ATHF scene


i dont understand the muss and fuss all about it wuz good. i dont understand why people are SOO greedy in giving points anyway considering all it takes is ONE USER WITH A GOD LEVEL VOTING POWER to bump a BAD flash to the top.

and if you really like the flash then give a generous vote, HIGH Scores makes artist make more, low votes makes an artist go like " nahh i dont think ill make a flash today"

ViNcEnTxX responds:

its true, lol.

He he he he!!!

Dangly parts...'nuff said. *LMFAO*

For the EE

Watch it all, click replay, THEN search for the easter egg!


it made me :D when the fat man was singing numa numa,you make good sprites.keep up the good work!~fg~