Reviews for "Days Of Our Lamps 2 Tease"

don't tease me, please me!

i want more lamps! 10/10 because i know it will be awesome.

Its dark in here now.

The first Days Of Our Lamps was a perfect example of unadulterated cartoon brilliance. The second, I'm sure, will rock so many faces off that they will make a movie about it. Probably starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage.

This trailer whetted my appetite for Lamps to the point where when I woke up from the guitar solo induced seizure I was in all my sconces were gone and my mouth was dripping with blood. I can only assume that my roommate had punched me in the face with a lightbulb. That is the only explanation.

So I anxiously await the release of this cartoon whist I try and uncover my mysterious and sordid past.


hope its as good as the last one


All I want to say is I want to see a Luxo lamp in there or im going to be.... well ... mad.


the poor lamp couldn't make enough money to feed his family at his day job selling rugs, so he had to get a night job as a janitor. lol jk I don't know why the lamp is sweeping.