Reviews for "Days Of Our Lamps 2 Tease"

wot the hell was that

that was rubbish

what the hell man

seriously do u get pleasure from spammin?

Sound-O-Vision responds:

just trying to get the word out, a lot of people asked me to contact them for new episodes, and this is the official announcement. Granted that was almost four years ago...sorry if I bugged ya.

Working on DOOL2 right now, we're doing our best!

Its dark in here now.

The first Days Of Our Lamps was a perfect example of unadulterated cartoon brilliance. The second, I'm sure, will rock so many faces off that they will make a movie about it. Probably starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage.

This trailer whetted my appetite for Lamps to the point where when I woke up from the guitar solo induced seizure I was in all my sconces were gone and my mouth was dripping with blood. I can only assume that my roommate had punched me in the face with a lightbulb. That is the only explanation.

So I anxiously await the release of this cartoon whist I try and uncover my mysterious and sordid past.

don't tease me, please me!

i want more lamps! 10/10 because i know it will be awesome.

sorry but it's bad

i couldn't tell whther it started...3?? HOW!?

needs more animation and stuff

Sound-O-Vision responds:

It's only a teaser. The full animation will be out in a few months.