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Reviews for "Android"

this deserves 1st place for a while!

man.. this game was soo entertaining. The music was great, the gameplay was great, 5/5 10/10! keep it up!


i admit i do not like this game but it feels like a real game that i would actually go to the store and buy its like the godfather of arcade games i dont write these reviews based on if i like the game but how the game works its seems to be very addicting even though i didnt like it i kept playin for about 30minits more this game deservs a 10 because it also has that nice arcady feel to it thats like "woa this is awsome" and i hate to say it but i feel like this game has potential to be in the top of the flash games yet i still hate it its not my type of game and i keep sayin how awsome it is well as u can see this game is awsome and for those people that type reviews about how bad this game sucks well your wrong i dont base it on if i like it its how it was made, thank you


I'm addicted to this. lovin' the retro feel!

Best of the Best

I loved the game, and the option to make your own level! I found it sad you couldn't jump though. But that would make the game to easy, now wouldn't it.


This is maybe my favorite online game ever. Only thing is I cant seem to get past lvl 44 cuz the hangy thing on the right at the top my little purple dude cant get a hold of it? Is it just me or what?