Reviews for "WeRBopBop #3"

Funny stuff

And the website was fun too. Looking forward to more episodes. Weekly sounds like a tough promise to make though, good luck with that, you'll need it lol :P


Very funny LOL :D.


This is the funniest thing I've ever seen!

OW my pussy!!

...Did you just KICK me in the pussy?! You CUNT!!! That whole scene had me going.

Hahahaha... Very odd, and hilarious. The animation is pretty damn good too, but the lip synching needs some hardcore work, not even gonna lie. "Here's some jalepenos... Mixed with shards of glass" HAHA that would be one painful shit. 4/5

I'm not miserable anymore

Indeed. This was cute, violent, and above all else funny. Good work. Hope to see more.