Reviews for "Pass-my-Flash 2"

Seriously Cool Stuff

one of the best collabs ive seen in a while, i really enjoyed this!! :D great work guys!!

Love it!

It was so random in a good way! I liked how I didn't expect most of what happens. Good job all of you, the styles worked together nicely!

This flash collab sounds like it would have been a lot of fun to be in! Too bad I'll probably be going to be in college for the summer.


I loved the animations by all the different authors. The music was also perfect for this flash. I especially liked the ending. I hope that there will be another sequel on this.


Awesome dude! (if anyone didnt notice the swain was there too)

lovedd it

The-Swain, is just so magical
Make another!,just bigger longer, and more peepz