Reviews for "Pass-my-Flash 2"

O.O 0mg 0mg 0mg....

At first before I saw this I thought this was going to be noobish but THIS HAS PROVED ME WRONG this is lolish, awesome and cool at the same time NOT NOOBISH
So if anyone thinks something is better than this THEY ARE WRONG!!!! keep it up....


All artist combined put up agreat work together to actually make the flash flow and so much for getting the kite back


WOAHMAHLORDEH. WOW. I love it so much... My new favorite! The animation is wonderful and the music is outstanding! NOT A SINGLE FLAW! (in my own personal opinion, of course)

What can I say other than

Fucking fantastic! This was a wonderful compilation and colaboration of various artists working together! The animation was as fluid as water! The randomness seemed almost like it was destiny. And the graphics were cartoony but worked rather well for this flash. Excellent work gentlemen, merci!

love it

good movie and love the concept