Reviews for "Pass-my-Flash 2"

Constructive critisizm.

A great show of transition between flash. Why I gave it a 4? Well to be honest, The plot was simply to blunt and would need at least 2 views to fully comprehend what your true intentions (for the plot) were. All in all, if was a valiant effort that managed stupendously well in comparison to others in drawing style, the last scene, and the crystal-clearness and other outstanding factors.

Second opinion : 4.5/5 = 9

Perfect Transition,

I love it when artists collab together to create anthology works. However I like when great talented artist and animators form to create their own segments to form one whole and complete story.


I love how it is so fluently passed on to another artist, and it was very intresting how it progressed. At the end I couldn't stop laughing and saying awwwww. lol great job 10/10 5/5


amazing artwork. great sync. i loved it,.

Very well done!

I must say I was thoroughly impressed by this animation... Brilliant concept! Keep them coming I can't wait to see more.