Reviews for "Pass-my-Flash 2"


more hentai

fucking awesome

My favorite part was nathaniel, next Luis and Swain. Then Mrat, and Darkshadow, no part was bad though. Everything was well animated and I really liked seeing the different styles of each animator. Nice flowing story, and nice music. Great effects, production value - and very entertaining.


This is even better than Photoshop Tennis!

A subtle opening with a great climax with a most humorous ending. The classical music makes it even more comical. More, puh-leeze!

I myself would like to see something related to how Pico gets squashed by an arcade machine, or something along the lines of that. Enough of my rambling, just... Bravo!

OH that slaps me on me knee!

I couldn't stop loling after that kid got hit by the car XD


that was really awesome i liked how everything whent goo and the animation