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Reviews for "Canyon Defense"

some ideas are not meant for some games

like 1 of voxes ideas,

- Add power planets and turrets using power.

BAD idea vox,really Bad idea.


damn this game is good, its actually easier to play on hard than it is on easy though, because you get more time to get money and do quests, did it on hard and i still didnt get all the buildings, missed the oil slick one :( also i hate the way the air units dont start were the canyon starts, makes it realistic but very annoying when they fly straight past a mass of AA guns and dont take any damage. otherwise its a perfect game. Apart from the healing planes which were quite annoying to nulify.


it was a grat game whn i played it yesterday but now it doesnt work fix it other games are like this to im angry.

finnally a decent tower defence game

i love the style of art in the game (reminds me of *******.com), i like the colours especially the missiles. it kinda looks like them old games e.g Dune, i hope theres a sequel to this. though perhaps next time you should add something like a sandbox mode where ya can just sit there for ages with like a million waves awaiting their destruction, and ore tuurets like the missiles :)

hard mode is hard

holy shit if you get fr enough into hard mode they'll send in 4 tanks that heal the self've and 4 aircraft that heal them self've, i screwed when i saw them