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Reviews for "Canyon Defense"

I cannot sell structures.


fun but

I thought it was fun but all you need is the tower that makes 50% more money when you don't have problems finishing levels and I got like thousands and then every kill gave like thousands and thousands of dollars and then get the tesla towers and then just get the range upgrade and damage upgrade and the tesla towers beat the level instantly >.> I would love if you had an unlimited mode but this game is pretty old and they aren't going to update it probably but yeah xD it was fun. Oh and yeah the overlapping glitch thats how you can get like thousands of 50% more towers so yeah fix that and it would be good I guess

1,000,000,000 points?????

I have no idea how some people can get over 1,000,000,000!

Amazing but...

Very glitchy, but still very fun, building towers on paths and on top of each other for example.

awesome game

i love it great towers good enimies and you can get money fast