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Reviews for "Canyon Defense"

good but..

when u put the air towers it lets u put one on top of the other one

a few tips

I beat every mode, heres how,
buy armour peircing things; there worth it.
build air towers on left and right so the rangers cross over like ven diagrams
build towers clode together to maul the regeneraters on ground
don't bother to much with the last towers, there a bit pricey

And finally, rate this helpful plz!


One of the best Tower Defense games. But people hacked the game to build mass buildings in one spot and pretty much messed the whole game up also.

Pretteh Good

I mean this game is an old game,First created when Miniclip came out.Its an all time favorite for me besides all Atari games(im only 13,My uncle gave it to me).I give them credit.It got me off Halo Reach(the first) A long time ago

too buggy

Im actually pissed that I lost. I mean WTF!? I have like 30-50 towers set up, and enemies health keep increasing s ton. Enemies sometimes wont die even though the bar is down, I'm constantly see missiles going over the things and not hitting them, enemies health goes way beyond indestructable after attack 35. Seriously.