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Reviews for "Canyon Defense"


oldies but goldies!

Easly exploitable with :

1- You can place some turret on others.
2- Bug where you can place building on other building.
3- Stackable effect of the Recycler lead you to near infinite amount of gold (combined with the second bug)
4- Same as N°3 but with the Radar Building, that give Turrets global range and tons of damages.
5- Bug where the damage increase effect of the Radar Building is not reset on a new game, making basic cannon One-shot almost everything).

Using all of theses issue, i get a score of 7,532,781 point, thanks to billions of Recycler. I could get much more, but i was tired of clicking to put more Recycler.

This game had potential, but thoses issue just ruined it.

The air enemies have no clear indication as to where they come in initially. I can't seem to sell the god turrets. And the tanks that regen health are impossible to kill effectively.

there really needs to be a survial mode!