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Reviews for "Taipei Days Ep 1 "Quotes""

Hmm, Not bad.

Not bad, you just need to bump it up a little. Working with sprites is always a mine field, you gotta be careful to not fall into the easy trap of simply using barely any animation or movement. Try lip syncing, add some movement and make them longer, still, not bad. I'd like to see more 8D

FrostfoxTW responds:

Thank you for the kind words. All of the characters are my on creation. I use the chat bubbles because it fits into the theme of the show. I agree with the movement, later episodes have more movement in them, with better backgrounds. Plus they definitely get longer. Thanks for watching!

Not Bad

Good try for the first one. Perhaps try to make it longer and some more movement. Keep it up!

FrostfoxTW responds:

Thanks for the review! The future episodes get longer, and have a bit more movement. Thanks for watching.

Good Start

Not much of a start, but that's usually how it is when you're kicking things into gear. Besides, quoting video games never fails (unless you're on a date).