Reviews for "Stabbing a Cat"

.. i;m awful at summarizing

Being a mostly .. backgroundish/trance song and considering what it was used for, i'd say this song is enchanting.
I like the guitar, but as the previous reviewer said, the drums.. are probably a drum machine? i dunno sound good to me the guitar is what stand out

.. and on an unrelated note, your musical work consolidated your place as one of the few people i could say i admire.. not that it means much but.. y'know

I am a troglodyte, no need to point that out, my opinion is poor and badly informed (it dropped out in high school?) no need to point it out.

Why do people like this so much?

It's a mediocre song at best. All it really is is a easy to use beat with fairly mindless riffing, with a few effects on the guitar.... which are awful. Honestly the only reason people like this song as much as they do is because Sexual Lobster made it, or at least thats the reason some of them did.

My advice is make the guitar cleaner, louder, and have a more challenging drum-line

Truly Beautiful ....

Sounds like a song played by grand master duck with the strings from an aged cat and the pick made from the masterful claw of raptor jesus !

Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks cd!


if youcan make something this good when you're drunk, i wonder how epic of a song you could make if you were ever sober....probably chuck norris epic


I really enjoyed this great song. Your music rocks and I'm surprised you don't upload as many songs as you do animations. Maybe you should make all of your music drunk... just a suggestion.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

hmm...thats not a bad idea.